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End-to-End Medical Billing Service
Quality First Medical Billing utilizes Accuracy, Accountability, and Active Reimbursement Recovery to increase financial performance.
  • Patient demographic and insurance data

  • Coding and charge entry

  • Compliance with National Correct Coding Initiatives (NCCI)

  • Medical-legal coding compliance

  • Claim scrubbing for errors prior to submission

  • Claim submission (paper and electronic)

  • Payment posting

  • Review and reporting of Revenue Cycle Analytics

  • Custom reporting for data points specific to your practice

  • Scheduled meetings

  • Payer contract compliance

  • Patient call center

Active Reimbursement Recovery
  • Tenacious Aging Receivables Management

  • Patient statements

  • Denial Management

  • Secondary and tertiary claim submission

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Insurance Eligibility Verification Management
Authorization Management

Is the patient eligible on the date of service?  Can we anticipate what the patient will be financial responsible for on the date of service?  Will there be an authorization required for the service?

QFMB will work with your office to create a process answering these questions, and preparing you and the patient with what's ahead.

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